Tie between Liliah becoming a cannibal and Wistar’s serial killer reveal.

"Apologize for calling me all those names!"

This is where friendship, love and other feelings doesn’t matter: The finale


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Finale Update

Weapons/Items: Knife and Pickaxe

Injuries: Cut running down cheek and jawline

Girl Talk || Aven, Liliah & Miriam


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Begging For Death || Day 3 || Liliah

I woke up, tears dried to my face.  I held my stomach as it growled, if I didn’t eat something soon, I would surely die.  I tried to stand, but tumbled over.  I was sure it was from dehydration.  The sun was beating down hard, and I hadn’t had a drop of water since before the bloodbath.  I was done for.

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Alliance: All By Myseeellf 

Weapon/Pack: Pickaxe

Position in the arena: In the Field Near The Mountain (North of the Cornucopia)

Important events of the day: 

  • Woke up in complete darkness
  • Heard my parents voices calling out to me, and considered taking my life
  • Ran farther north to escape their cries.

Help Us || Day of Darkness || Liliah

I woke up from my slumber in my makeshift camp, that wasn’t really a camp at all.  It was just a bit of grass I patted down and my pickaxe held tightly in my hand.  I expected it to be bright out, but when I opened my eyes, I saw nothing at all.  It was completely black.  I am barely able to make out shapes in front of me, and it is noticeably colder.  Was it still night time?  Did I not sleep as long as I thought?

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